The small Archive team with a big remit!

Find out about the different roles at the Archive.

Company Archivist

The Company Archivist looks after the archive collection and manages the Archive as a working business archive providing support to M&S colleagues, and as a heritage venue and learning resource for customers and communities.


Our Archivists provide access to the archive collection to M&S colleagues and external researchers by cataloguing material to add to our Archive Catalogue and Digital Archive, providing Reading Room services, responding to research enquiries, and sharing collection knowledge through exhibitions and talks.

Outreach Officer

Working with the collection and with our audiences, the Outreach Officer runs our Community programmes with older people and people living with Dementia. This involves creating and managing our Memory Boxes, Marking Moments newsletter and managing artist-led projects with these groups.

Education Officer

The Education Officer makes the collection accessible and engaging through our Schools programme of workshops and digital resources, and works with families, home educators and groups who support people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).