1 February 2023

February Milestones

We’re celebrating some brilliant milestones this month

A black and white image of information on care labels.

It’s 55 years since we introduced garment care labels with washing symbols for the first time. Designed to help customers sort their washing according to fabric type, the Home Laundry Consultative Council devised eight different washing programmes covering 11 types of fabric.  

  • Our first computerised warehouse system (known as the Multi-User Warehouse System or MUWS for short) was introduced 35 years ago. This involved connecting large regional distribution centres, each serving a far larger number of stores, and revolutionised our information on stock availability and sales.  


  • 20 years ago we first launched our Cook food range, now known as Cook With. The initial range included semi-prepared dishes such as chicken breasts with basil and Indian Ocean tuna with hoisin sauce. More recently, Cook With has seen celebrity chef Chris Baber whip up three easy recipes with one ingredient and budget friendly recipes to feed your family for £12.