In-Person Workshops for Secondary Schools

All our workshops are interactive and hands-on, providing lots of opportunities for discussion and participation.

Most workshops are two hours long and can run as a morning or afternoon session. Workshop details are listed below, please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit.

KS3 Textiles - The Wonder Fabrics

From selling darning wool for one penny in 1884 to using plastic bottles to make recycled polyester, we know all about textiles.

Find out about the how and why of revolutionary fabric innovations at M&S, analyse the properties of different textiles and then develop your own ideas for the next wonder fabric.

KS3&4 Media and Business - Birth of a Brand

What is a brand? What is advertising and how does it work?

Use primary sources from the archive collection to explore past and present branding and advertising at M&S. Then use your new knowledge to create and film a TV advert.

KS3-5 Design & Technology Food & Nutrition - Proof of the Pudding

Conduct a scientific exploration of the M&S Chocolate Melt in the Middle pudding.

Ponder the problem of a liquid centre and get stuck into the science that makes the pudding possible. Designed to support GCSE D&T Food and Nutrition, this workshop looks at product design, the science behind ingredients including emulsifiers, and modifying products. Learn how to make ice cream in a bag and conduct a sensory analysis… yum!

KS3&4 Business Studies - Business Brains

M&S has humble beginnings. How does a business grow from a pedlar’s pack to be a global retailer?

Look at the journey of M&S through different business types, meeting customer needs through innovation and the 4Ps. Using primary sources and business case studies as inspiration you’ll draw up a business plan, create a product range and pitch your idea! You’ll use a range of skills and gain an understanding of enterprise in action.


Don’t worry if you can’t visit us in Leeds, we have lots of high-quality digital resources to help you run your own workshops in your classroom.