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Secondary Digital Resources

KS3&4 (England and Wales), P4-P7 & S4-S6 (Scotland), Y4-Y7 & Y11-Y12 (NI)

Choose from our current resource packs, all supporting different curriculum areas.

KS3 Graphic Design - Birth of a Brand

KS3 Art & Design - M&S and Turner

This resource supports students to explore Turner’s work and techniques through an investigation of The Pantheon, the Morning After the Fire, a fascinating early work from the M&S collection.

GCSE Business - M&S Business Brains

GCSE D&T Food and Nutrition - Proof of the Pudding

Further Education - Innovation: The Fashion Industry

Designed by the University of Leeds for learners aged 16-18, this course explores the role M&S has played in fashion innovation through interactive, online learning. You'll see how M&S continues to drive innovation to bring consumers new and better products, consider innovation in your own clothing and share your experience with other learners