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Key Stage 1 Digital Resources

KS1 (England and Wales), P1-P3 (Scotland), Y1-Y3 (NI)

Choose from our four current resource packs, all supporting different curriculum areas.

D&T - Packaging: Discover & Design

History - What's On My Plate?

Pupils use archive sources to compare old and new, and identify continuity and change in how we eat. Fun, creative activities provide cross-curricula links to Science, Geography and healthy eating.

Chocolate - Proof of the Pudding

This resource uses the M&S Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding as a focus for fun, cross-curricula learning. Pupils explore the science of baking and chocolate, find out about different ingredients and design their own new dessert. Conduct a delicious taste test using scientific thinking to analyse the flavours and textures of the pudding. Fun, creative activities provide links to speaking and listening and literacy.

Science Investigation - Fabric & Fashion

Pupils compare a range of fabrics, their properties and uses through observation, discussion and simple scientific investigations. They'll consolidate their learning through playing a team game and then use imagination and problem-solving skills to design a garment for the future. Fun, creative activities provide cross-curricula links to speaking and listening and Design & Technology.