What We Ate

Over seven weeks a group of residents from Simon Marks Court care home took a closer look at food-related archive objects, from biscuit cutters and cake tins to aprons and recipe books.

Artists Anne Crowther and Nicki Taylor then guided the group through techniques including quilting, collage, printing and needlework to create a tactile tablecloth. Participants also got the chance to use digital cameras for the first time – the group documented the final session, taking photographs of each other and creating a series of mini still life scenes.

Food related objects inspired memories of favourite foods, mothers wearing aprons in the house, and having to share with eight brothers and sisters! These memories and conversations then inspired the creative process. As well as reminiscing, the group learned new skills and built new friendships.

The finished artwork has a permanent home at Simon Marks Court to be used as tactile and visual stimulation during activity sessions.
Anne and Nicki both work with Skippko, a Leeds-based not-for-profit arts organisation. Skippko develops creative projects in communities in the North of England, focusing on Art, People, Partners & Spaces.

Simon Marks Court is run by Anchor Homes, a charitable organisation that provides housing and care for older people and those with Dementia. Activities play an important role in the care of people with Dementia, Anchor’s Activity Coordinators aim to enhance residents’ quality of life and wellbeing by providing a varied range of social and creative activities.

Here’s a short film about the project.